Lee’s new novel, Guests on Earth was published in October, 2013 by Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill.

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"The peculiar thought arises that Smith writes her slightly ramshackle novels in a mood of philanthropy, to give shelter to her vulnerable characters. Good for her, good for them, good for us."

"She is nothing less than masterly. . . . Smith brings to [her work] an ear for speech and voice that most other writers can only envy."
—The New York Times Book Review

"An authentic American saga, bittersweet as an Appalachian ballad, peopled with wonderfully vivid characters, so brilliantly constructed we never even notice the quilt-like artfulness of its design. One of those books you can either roam contentedly around in for days, or devour at once, in a rush of pure pleasure."
—Kirkus Reviews

"If you wish to purchase any of these books, I encourage you to do so from your local independent bookseller. If you do not have one in your area, just follow the link to amazon.com."
                                                                                           Lee Smith