Lee’s new memoir, Dimestore will be published in March, 2016 by Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill.

Click to hear Lee Smith read a portion of The Last Girls.

Short Story Collections

  • Mrs. Darcy and the Blue-Eyed Stranger, New and Selected Stories by Lee Smith
    published in 2010
    Lee Smith, who published her first book of fiction 40 years ago, is as beloved a storyteller as exists in America. Now she collects fourteen short stories - seven brand new ones along with her favorite seven from her earlier collections. The result? A book of dazzling richness. Smith's stories, famous for unmistakable voices and a craft so strong and sure it is transparent, strike dead center at the turning points of her characters' lives. Here those characters range from an eleven year old boy who loves vocabulary words, to a young bride who has married "way up," to Mrs. Darcy herself, an older woman making it through widowhood her own way. As the New York Times Book Review put it, "In almost every one of [her stories] there is a moment of vision, or love, or unclothed wonder that transforms something plain into something transcendent." -Shannon Ravenel, Algonquin Books

  • News of the Spirit
    published in 1997

  • Me and My Baby View the Eclipse
    published in 1990

  • Cakewalk
    published in 1981
"If you wish to purchase any of these books, I encourage you to do so from your local independent bookseller. If you do not have one in your area, just follow the link to amazon.com."
                                                                                           Lee Smith